Within a battery of tests, the new Wartegg methodology can be applied in the following working fields:

  • CLINICAL: Wartegg test can be administered from the age of 4 onward and enables a global description of the personality structure of the subject based on the analysis of 8 panels e of the various formal indexes derived by scoring. A specific software can support the interpretation (clinical WZT).
  • FORENSIC (CIVIL and PENAL): particularly useful for the analysis of developmental age subjects involved in cases of foster care, abuse and violence. In adults, if used with other tests, the Wartegg test contributes to assess parental abilities and overall psycho diagnostics.
  • SELECTION in this sector a specific software (WZT-Selection) makes the Wartegg test extremely effective as a first screening and allows an evaluation on three different and interdependent levels: descriptive, by criteria and by category.
  • CAREER COUNSELLING (educational and professional): also in this field a specific software (WZT-Career counselling) evaluates 3 areas of extreme interest and precisely: affective-relational; thinking and productivity. Within each area some indexes can be assessed for a total of 19 indexes.
  • RESEARCH: for its evaluation capabilities, the easiness and speed in administration and scoring, thanks to a specific software ("WZT-Research") that enables the creation of databases of all Wartegg indexes related to the examined population, the Wartegg test or WZT is proving itself as the ideal instrument for the psychosocial research.