Curricula of the psychologists, clinical testers and psychotherapists of the Italian Institute of Wartegg

Prof. Alessandro Crisi

Psychologist, Founder and President of 'Istituto Italiano Wartegg', Dynamic Psychotherapist
Technical consultant at the Roma Civil Court since 1977. Professor of Clinical Assessment at:

  • II Specialization School in Clinical Psychology at the Roma University "La Sapienza";
  • School in Psychotherapy Training - Dynamic orientation (SFPID) in Roma.
  • The 4-year training course in Developmental Psychotherapy - dynamic orientation in Roma.

From 1980 to 2000 has elaborated a new methodology for the use and the interpretation of the Wartegg test which, since 2002, is being utilized in the selection processes in the Italian Navy.

Alessandro Crisi cooperates with the Italian Navy as consultant for Selection and Career counselling and has delivered many training seminars for the Italian Army. Member of I.R.S. (International Rorschach Society) and of S.P.A. (Society for Personality Assessment), has participated in several national and international Conferences; has published many scientific articles on clinical assessment matters.


Prof. Giovanni Costanza

Psychologist Jungian Psychotherapist, Professor in Organizational Psychodynamics at the 2nd Specialization School in Clinical Psychology (Rome University "La Sapienza"), Research and Dynamic Psychology applied in organizations (development and application of diagnosis and intervention models in selection, training and management of professionals).
In the 90's developed a questionnaire, "QE", for managerial potential analysis and career counselling.
From year 2004 coordinates the training program for the development of managerial competencies of Officers of the Italian Navy designed by the Psychology 2nd Faculty of Roma University "La Sapienza".



Silvana CARLESIMO, Psychologist, Psychodiagnostic. Training at the SERT of AUSL RM "C", at the Day Hospital for adolescents and at the Infantile Neuropsychiatry. Trained as a psycho diagnostic, specialized in Rorschach. Currently working in a residential therapeutic/rehabilitation community for psychotic patients. She works as trainer and researcher at IIW.


Sabrina MAIO, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychodiagnostic. Listed in the CTU chart of the Civil Court in Roma. Trained as psycho diagnostic. Certified as in the Rorschach test and specialized on test battery. She cooperated with S.R.R. in the research on the Rorschach Test Parallel (1995-2002). Since 2000 cooperates in training and research at the IIW.


Jacob A. Palm. Dr. Palm is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in collaborative/ therapeutic psychological testing and assessment. Dr. Palm is a graduate of Fordham University, located in the Bronx, New York, where he received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He completed his American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship at The Guidance Center, a non-profit community mental health agency, where he later supervised and trained clinicians in psychological assessment for nearly a decade (first as Assessment Supervisor, and later as Director of Doctoral Training). Dr. Palm is the founder and director of the Southern California Center for Collaborative Assessment, located in Long Beach, California. Since 2015 he is Representative of the IIW in the USA.