Italian Institute of Wartegg, clinical assessment courses, counseling, training, wartegg test teaching method

Founded in Rome in 1999, the 'Istituto Italiano Wartegg S.r.l.' or ISTITUTO ITALIANO WARTEGG, has the aim of being a centre for the promotion of meetings, debates and confrontations amongst professionals, Psychologists and Psychotherapists alike, who work in the area of clinical assessment and are interested in the evolution of this field of Clinical Psychology.

Beyond the specific training activities in the Wartegg test, and more in general in the clinical assessment, the ISTITUTO ITALIANO WARTEGG aims to make known in the various professional areas of application (clinical, forensic law, recruitment and selection, career advice, research):

  • the evaluation capabilities of the Wartegg test as in the original methodology developed by Alessandro Crisi;
  • the services offered: supervision, consulting, scoring;
  • the ample range of proprietary testing material created and developed overtime by ISTITUTO ITALIANO WARTEGG.

ISTITUTO ITALIANO WARTEGG organises various monthly events, discussions of clinical cases, technical demonstrations, conferences and seminars.

For any further information on these events please contact us.

N.B. No other institute is licensed except ISTITUTO ITALIANO WARTEGG located in Via Colossi, 53 - Rome - Italy