Mission of Italian Institute of Wartegg

The Istituto Italiano Wartegg S.r.l. mission is to:

  1. promote the use of the Wartegg Test according to Alessandro Crisi's methodology;
  2. conduct scientific research, both in Italy and abroad, aimed at developing the methodology and spreading the utilisation of the Wartegg Test, also devising applicative software;
  3. participate in and organise conferences, meetings and professional exchanges both in Italy and abroad;
  4. offer lectures and training in the Wartegg methodology and in personality studies techniques;
  5. create, promote and sell data, databases, application software, research, tools and techniques and all intellectual properties and scientific know how of ISTITUTO ITALIANO WARTEGG;
  6. use the Wartegg test in private industries, public organizations and institutions and in the education sector;
  7. apply the Wartegg test in clinical and forensic areas, both in the private and public sectors;
  8. sell our products and services in Italy and abroad, also through retail and wholesale agencies and licensees.